woensdag 11 juni 2014

Student's end exhibition - great success!

We enjoyed a positive, inspiring and very busy student exhibition with over 400 visitors in two days. It was a whirlwind experience, setting up on Saturday, and opening on Sunday and 6 hours on Monday. 

We had our finnissage between 16 - 18:00 on Pinkster Monday to congratulate and present 23 diplomas to very creative and highly talented students. Here are just a few photo's of the variety of work on exhibit. A photo album of the exhibition will be available for sale in August. More photo's can be seen at this link as well.

And much, much more!

dinsdag 11 maart 2014

Nieuwsbrief Voorjaar 2014 & Art Journals Maken

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OR BETTER YET: Get your creative juices flowing and join us next week in our ART JOURNALING class. We're going to have let loose and have fun! In just 4 evenings you'll have your own art journal, bound and ready for more creative input. You won't want to stop, believe me, it's addictive!

woensdag 20 november 2013

Winter 2013 newsletter

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Artist: Nel v/d Meijden, Textile Art & Art Quilts 2012

zondag 20 oktober 2013

Exhibition success

Despite the buckets of rain last Sunday - 13 October 2013, we still had a great showing of 200 people to the first student exhibition of the 2-year Textile Arts Program. Among the guests were Boukje Mulder, editor of Handwerken Zonder Grenzen and Henk Lijding, author of Art Quilts in the Netherlands. Boukje immediately wrote a great Tweet and blog post about the exhibition. I think she captured the story perfectly. Henk Lijding shared about our success in his readings during the EU Quilt Championship this past week in Veldhoven. Overall positive commentary! 

Here are only a few pictures of the show in case you were one of those who couldn't manage to trample through the rain with your umbrella to come see us. 

The students and I are very pleased with the outcome of the exhibition. I really look forward to the second exhibition of two Textile Art groups. Don't miss out. Watch for our mailing early in the Spring as the exhibition will be during Pinkster weekend (7-9 June 2014). 

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 @ ABC Treehouse, Amsterdam
Annemieke Vollebregt
 Dymphie Kies

 Petra van Seventer
Marjan van Holte
Inge Neumann
 Liesbeth Olthof
 Jessey Fokkinga
 Mirjam Luiten
 Carola Goodwin

Graduation Group
Ginni Fleck, Director & Joanna Wroblewska, Teacher

maandag 16 september 2013

Diversity in Fiber Art student exhibition

The new season at DIY Textile has begon. The 2012 Textile Art group returned for the 2nd year of their program. The new 2013 Textile Art groups start this week! 

But best of all, the 2011 Textile Art group will be exhibiting their final projects on Saturday - Sunday, 12 & 13 October between 12 - 18:00 at the ABC Treehouse, Voetboogstraat 11 in Amsterdam. And YOU are cordially invited! 14 students will exhibit a variety of textile artistry! Come join us for our first student exhibition!

vrijdag 16 augustus 2013

Lace and Linen

I visited the Lace museum yesterday for the exhibit Schitterend geplooied. It was very interesting - definitely worth a visit. Although there was much to see, especially in regards to the amazing handwork of the Chinese Miao and Dong people, I found myself most fascinated by the basic things right here in Holland long before machinery. I say this, because the museum has a rondleiding to explain all the equipment that produces lace products. But I was most curious watching the Dutch video explaining how flax was grown, harvested and turned into linen. What an amazing long, labour intensive process, and it happened here. I don't need to eroticise another culture. I can be quite impressed with this one!

As someone who has grown up in the U.S., and lived my whole life in the Northern hemisphere, I have no clue how things are made from scratch. I grew up eating spinach from a box out of the freezer. I never had a garden. I had no idea how things grew...but slowly as I grow older I am learning to appreciate slowing down, and learning how things were made... before technology. But of course, I have the privilege of romanticizing this with Western eyes. Looking back at a simpler life but knowing it wasn't simpler, only harder. And for some people, in some countries, it remains hard...but then again, if you are living the culture, perhaps it doesn't feel hard, it just is. Yet, I know for some it is hard and I have the luxury of just paying for the things I want.

Anyway, a year ago, I bought some antique linen. Handmade linen. It fascinated me, so I was so happy to watch this video about the process of making the linen that I now own.  As I grow older, I learn to slow down, enjoy the simpler things in life, and I learn to make, dye and create my own things starting from their source. I'll be out picking up windfall for dying fabrics soon. Anyone want to join me?

maandag 1 juli 2013

Stitch Art 2013 - COMPLETE - KLAAR!

We had a great journey with Cherilyn Martin over the last six months. Using mixed media and stitch, students completed many beautiful works of art. Here are just a few to capture the memories. 

Mariette van Bruggen
Miek Verburg
Marion ten Broeke
Nel v/d Meiden
Riet Broeren
Rina Hermerler

Thank you again Cherilyn! And job well done, group!
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Cherilyn Martin